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Clock Towerr
Clock Tower – Near Kirkhof Center and Mary Idema Pew Library. This is probably the most well-known sculpture on our campus. Students use it as a time marker when walking to class and look forward to the days that it plays its unique tunes.
Obelisk – Between Mackinac and Manitou Hall. This large structure is meant to symbolize power and order in which are both vital in a fully functioning college campus.
Transformational Link – Near Lakes Buildings. There is a myth that if you walk underneath it the wrong way that you will not graduate on time. Needless to say I’ve never walked under it.
Yellow Thingg
Amaranth – Outside of Mackinac Hall. I believe the main goal of this sculpture is to simply be nice to look at, which it indeed succeeded. It has grown to be known as a common meeting place amongst student. For example, you might say “meet at the yellow sculpture at 6:00” if you need somewhere to meet up with your friends.


Quidditching Meme
Hadouken Meme
Vadering Meme



Flowers by David Gibson was created in 1998 and is located outside of Fuel Dining Center. This is one of my favorite GVSU sculptures because it is colorful and makes me feel like it is summer all the time. Even on a cold winter day I can look at this sculpture and feel at peace.

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 With the large increase of GVSU alumni donors, the Grand Valley State University Foundation was able to raise $13.3 million this year. The help of all of our generous donors enabled us to give out more scholarships than ever before to many of our deserving students.

Information and photos gathered from the GVSU website.


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This Gif has became a very popular meme used on Twitter and is definitely one of my favorite ones at the moment. I feel as if it is the perfect facial expression to describe a multitude of different situations and helps relate one another’s feelings about certain circumstances. Some of my favorite captions used with this meme are:

Me: I like you. 

Crush: I like you too. 

Me: *Knows I'm ugly*

Someone: You're ugly.

Me: *Unfollows someone*

Them: *Unfollows me back*